3 mins read

Fun Science Experiments With Kids

Children love to learn new things, particularly when the learning takes place through hands-on exercises. Use ordinary household objects or elements of nature to teach your child about the many different facets of science. Make sure that he is properly supervised when performing science experiments that could cause injury, and he will be well on his way to a blue ribbon at his next school science fair.

2 mins read

Home Organization During Self-Isolation

Like most moms, I’m trying to use this very weird time in history to accomplish a few things. Some days I feel like I’ve accomplished enough if I’ve simply kept my small humans alive. On the days that I’m feeling motivated, I have been busy getting the house organized. Well, trying at least. We recently…

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Birthday Party Ideas For 9-Year-Old Boys

Most boys who are turning 9 have firm ideas of acceptable and enjoyable party themes, activities, locations and guests. They may only want their birthday at the party place their friends like, or have a specific cartoon or superhero they want represented in the decorations. Work with your son to plan a party that accommodates his interests but also falls under your approval.

4 mins read

What To Do When You Hit Maximum Crapacity

My daughter turned nine last week, and in the throes of planning her birthday party, the biggest question was not what type of cake to get, or how many pizzas, or what to give as party favors. Rather, the biggest question was: to gift, or not to gift?