2 mins read

Baby Jumpers Safety

Baby jumpers are a great tool for busy moms and active infants. Jumpers either hang from a bungee cord from a door or sit on the ground, depending on the brand and type. Babies can jump at their discretion and play with a toy, while nearby moms have their hands free to make dinner, play with another child or work on other projects.

4 mins read

Give a Hero a Home: The Rewarding Experience of Adopting Ex-Government Dogs

The holiday season is a time of love, warmth, and giving. While many people consider adopting a furry friend during this time, there is a unique and heartwarming option available – adopting a hard-working dog that used to work in government facilities. These remarkable canines have dedicated their lives to various federal agencies, assisting in…

9 mins read

Ditch the Grinch and Deck the Halls

‘Tis the season! That’s what all the billboards, advertisements, and email subject lines are saying right about now, anyway.  But ‘tis the season for what, exactly? The obvious answers are “giving” and “gathering” and “getting out the sparkly decorations.” There are presents that need purchasing and cards that need crafting; there are parties that require…