Baby Jumpers Safety
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Baby Jumpers Safety

Baby jumpers are a great tool for busy moms and active infants. Jumpers either hang from a bungee cord from a door or sit on the ground, depending on the brand and type. Babies can jump at their discretion and play with a toy, while nearby moms have their hands free to make dinner, play with another child or work on other projects.

Internal Risks

Just as with any other toy or piece of equipment, baby jumpers come with some risks. Parts of the jumper can break off and become choking hazards, the baby can slip off or out of the jumper or the jumping mechanisms themselves can break, causing the baby to fall to the floor. Depending on how far and in what way the baby falls, he could hit his head or hurt some other part of his body.

External Dangers

Sometimes, children can get hurt in a jumper from external sources. Since the baby can be a little bit mobile in the jumper, objects around him could quickly be in his hand or on him. For instance, if he is jumping near a counter, don’t let anything that could fall or he could grab that could burn, cut or otherwise hurt him. He may swing from one side or the other and could kick or hit something. Also be mindful of the ground beneath him. As he starts jumping, momentum could cause him to thud to the ground even harder, bumping his feet or legs.


Take a quick scan of the area before you set up the jumper. Make sure there is nothing dangerous, hot, sharp or just not ideal in a baby’s hand in the radius of his jumping area. Place a rug, with a non-slip bottom, under the jumper to make it a little softer for jumping.

Use Properly

Read the manufacturer’s instructions before letting your baby use the jumper. Make sure your baby in under the recommended weight. Babies that weigh more than the recommended amount have a higher risk of falling out of or breaking the jumper. Check the door jamb if you are using a hanging jumper. Make sure it is strong and not prone to bending or breaking.


Keep the manufacturer’s telephone number on hand and watch for recalls. Recalls of baby jumpers have occurred as a result of jumpers falling from the door jamb or breaking. Be aware of ongoing problems with your specific brand and type.

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