16 mins read

Choosing the Right Birth Facility

As an expectant mother, you probably daydream about the moment you will actually meet your baby for the first time. What he or she will look like? How will it feel to hold that tiny miracle in your arms for the first time?

4 mins read

What to Do with Your Halloween Pumpkin After the the Holidays

Halloween is a googly fun time for ghouls, goblins, and, of course, bright orange pumpkins! With costumes and candy coming to a close, you might be wondering what to do with your once-spooky jack-o'-lanterns now that the Halloween celebrations are over. Fear not! We're here for you as we explore super fun, creative, and sustainable…

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It’s August… Time For A Last-Minute Road Trip

Even during a pandemic, families are holding on to their summer vacations and hitting the open road to make memories with their kids. AAA projects that Americans will take 683 million road trips from July to September. If you haven't gone away yet, there's plenty of time to take a last-minute road trip. Just keep in…

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Alcohol Addiction During Pregnancy

If you are addicted to alcohol and are pregnant, you must take serious measures to stop drinking. When you drink, so does your baby. No amount of alcohol is safe for your baby and can lead to serious complications. If you have been trying to stop drinking, your pregnancy can serve as the extra motivation you need.

5 mins read

8 Signs Your Loved One Needs Treatment for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a hidden problem among many individuals in the society. The best thing about it is that it demonstrates itself through some apparent symptoms. Addicts sometimes find it difficult to admit that they are suffering from drug addiction and that’s where you come in. If you are suspecting that your loved one needs…