8 Signs Your Loved One Needs Treatment for Drug Addiction
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8 Signs Your Loved One Needs Treatment for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a hidden problem among many individuals in the society. The best thing about it is that it demonstrates itself through some apparent symptoms. Addicts sometimes find it difficult to admit that they are suffering from drug addiction and that’s where you come in. If you are suspecting that your loved one needs treatment from drug addiction, you can check these eight signs for clarification.

1. Weight Changes

Changes in weight is a typical symptom of drug addiction. This is because drugs have a significant impact on the appetite of an individual. Doctors have highlighted that eating disorders are highly associated with substance addiction. Make sure you keep track of the weight of your spouse. A drastic fluctuation in weight, whether gain or loss is a clear indication that your loved one is already an addict. This might be brought about by excessive eating or lack of eating at all.

2. Unpredictable Mood/Mood Swings

You are likely to notice that individuals who often abuse alcohol and other substances tend to have erratic behavior. This is because such drugs tend to affect the overall body chemistry. Unpredictable outbursts or unprovoked changes in the mood of your lover is a clear indication that your loved one is suffering from drug addiction. Importantly, the changes in mood are either positive or negative. Evaluating the mood of your loved one could come in handy before he/she commits some dangerous moves.

3. Changes in Sleep Patterns

The usual sleeping pattern of your loved one is determined by among other factors the overall mood of the body. As drug addiction starts to take root, your partner is likely to start behaving differently including showing changing sleeping patterns. For example, he/she might begin sleeping too early or late at night. Moreover, they might not sleep at all which might be surprising to you but end up sleeping during the day.

4. Changes in Energy Levels

Sometimes this works in either way depending on the chemical composition of an individual and the substance in use. Sometimes your loved ones might be too energetic or too much lethargic. This is a specific symptom of drug addiction. There have been perceptions that drugs help some people work hard which is far away from the truth. Keep in mind that any form of hyperactivity is highly associated with the addiction to hard drugs including marijuana among others.

5. Withdrawal Symptoms

Human beings are social, and they tend to prefer working in groups in most of their times unless they are handling private matters. This might be the same to your lover, with who you have been undertaking most of the activities together. However, if all of a sudden your lover starts to show withdrawal symptoms and choosing to work alone, there is a possibility that he/she might be addicted.

6. Changes in Overall Attitude

As you know your partner for a long time, it only takes a slight change, and you will notice that something is not right. If your lover starts to distance themselves from your or they don’t show their love anymore, there might be a possibility that they are becoming addicted after excessive drug abuse. Pay attention to all changes in attitude, emotional changes, and stressful conditions.

7. Loss of Memory

Heavy usage of alcohol and other substances have been known to cause blackouts, mainly when used within a short window. Additional consumption of alcohol and other drugs increases blackouts which ultimately leads to loss of longtime memory. Moreover, most of the drugs are known to interfere with the normal functioning of the mind leading to actual memory loss. If you find that your partner is failing to remember some of the events that you spent together, it is essential to check whether drug addiction might be causing this problem.

8. Changes in Physical Appearance

Something that you can quickly notice is if your loved one does not adhere to the typical daily routines such as showing, brushing the hair, and even cleaning the teeth. It is common knowledge that drug addicts will abandon the outward appearance and even start wearing dirty clothes without knowing. If your loved one begins to portray such behaviors, there is a possibility that alcohol and substance addiction is taking root in her body.

If your loved ones; spouse, parent, children, friend, or close relatives, is exhibiting these symptoms, it is vital that you consider taking them to the nearest health facility for drug addiction diagnosis and treatment.


Alice Munday is a freelance writer from Virginia Beach, Virginia. In recovery herself, she is dedicated to helping those who struggle with addiction. She occasionally writes for The Recovery Village.