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How to Break Frustrating Relationship Patterns

Once upon a time there was an adorable little Goblin who wanted nothing more than to fall in love. Like a princess in a fairy tale, she longed for another Goblin to complete and save her. Shed had many relationships, all which seemed to follow the same dramatic story line. Shed meet eyes with another Goblin, theyd have that instant spark, and then theyd jump into a hot and heavy relationship.

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Life in the Trenches from a Special Needs Parenting Advocate

If we can all agree that parenting is difficult, frustrating, and overwhelming mixed in with the many joys of nurturing a young person; then special needs/autism caregiving is like parenting on steroids – everything is heightened. This means that the challenges as an autism mom and advocate often bring me to my knees, and the…

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Back-to-School Business Trip Tips

Most of us survived, more or less, the first week or two of back-to-school chaos.  Our kids hopefully have all the backpacks, textbooks, and sharpened pencils they need. We’re all coping with those nasty alarm clocks that have the gall to buzz while it’s still dark out.

Now onto phase two: mastering our own absence when our kids are in school.

Leaving your kids behind during the school year is a challenge few …

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All Aboard the Holiday Express…

The holiday season. I liken it to an express train on a long, straight track: You can see it coming from miles away, but you don’t realize how fast it’s approaching until it’s flying by, leaving your ears ringing, your hair a windswept mess, and the pit of your stomach churning with unspent adrenaline. With…