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Dreidel Game for Kids

Perhaps the best-known Jewish toy, the dreidel–a spinning top traditionally made of wood–has a place in the homes of Jewish children around the world. Most often played for chocolate coins called “gelt,” or M&Ms for those whose sweet tooth overrules concern for historical accuracy, the dreidel reminds Jews of the Hanukkah story’s miracle of the oil.

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#SportBits… Contribute To The Conversation

Greetings #ModernMom readers! What’s more modern than a woman who knows her sports? It’s fun to be able to contribute to the sports conversation. Whether it’s at the dinner table, the boardroom, or an on-line chat. Here are some news and highlights to help keep you in the know this weekend. 4Stories …4Bits Unless you’ve…

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Home Alone With The Baby – Crap This Is Hard!

This weekend, I had my baby all by myself. Now, to some of you this may sound absolutely ridiculous, like “what’s the big friggin’ deal you’re watching your kid by yourself, but honestly, I nearly died. Well, that’s a little dramatic. It was very, VERY hard. Am I doing something wrong?

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Will Google allow Porn Apps on Google Glass?

If you haven’t heard, Google Glass is a wearable computer with a glasses-mounted display. Glass displays information in a smartphone-type, hands-free format allowing users to interact with the Internet using natural language commands. Glass will run on Android 4.0.4 and higher. It can send and receive data, so apps can be interactive.