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How to Spend Less on Holiday Gifts!

Buying holiday gifts doesn’t have to wipe you out, mentally or financially. The best advice we can offer you for spending less and easing the stress of buying holiday gifts this year is to GET ORGANIZED. Here are some tips to getting your holiday gift lists organized so you can not only keep your sanity at the end of the day, but some pocket cash, too!

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Glycerine for Flowers

Flower preservation is returning as a popular hobby. Some brides want to save flowers from their wedding bouquet. Gardeners want to decorate their houses with flowers grown in their own flowerbeds. Unfortunately, any methods for preserving flowers leave the flowers brittle. One method for preserving flowers that retains a more life-like appearance is to dip them in a solution of glycerin and water.

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Mommy’s Christmas List

Dear Santa, I’d like a body that is self-toning because I don’t always have the energy to exercise after 80 hours a week of being a chauffeur, a maid, a counselor, a referee, a coach, a nurse, a gardener, cook, a teacher and a chef. I’d like a day when I can walk around my…

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Potato Chive Soup Recipe

One of the most rewarding things about learning to garden is seeing the plants thrive.Although Im a beginner gardener, I’ve learned that chives are such a hearty plant, and seem to flourish with very little maintenance.My lovely friend recently gave me lettuce seeds which I planted in a pot alongside my chives. They are also doing well with very little care.Its amazing those little tiny seeds I planted with …