6 mins read

How to Keep Your Teen Safe Behind the Wheel

The 100 Deadliest Days (Memorial Day to Labor Day) for teens has started, and we wanted to share some tips to help parents keep their teenagers safe behind the wheel. We had the chance to talk with Bill Wade, National Program Manager for Tire Rack Street Survival (a national non-profit teen driving program) and heres what we learned: Why is there an increased risk for teen drivers during the summer?

3 mins read

Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

As parents, we do everything that we possibly can to keep our children safe. Unfortunately, there are times when the most dangerous things can go unnoticed. California has passed a law to help keep families protected from one such danger: carbon monoxide (CO). Effective July 1st, 2011, it is mandatory for all single-family California homes to install CO detectors in their homes. Although it may not be a law in all states, having a CO detector in your home can help you to keep your family safe.