7 mins read

15 Things You Should Give Up to Be a Happy Parent

You want to be a happy parent—but your countless responsibilities make this goal challenging! Don’t lose hope just yet. I have a list of 15 things that keep you from happy parenting. Read through them. Be honest with yourself. Then let them go. Allow yourself to be a happy parent for your child—and yourself! Here’s…

20 mins read

The Ultimate Baby Registry Must Haves for Expecting Moms

As if swollen ankles, mood swings and bladder control weren’t enough of an issue – figuring out all the things you’ll need when a new baby arrives can overwhelming and intimidating. But no need to fret! With the help of baby gear expert Vanessa Antonelli, lots of research and testing,we’ve rounded up all the best,…

9 mins read

October Astrology Reading

OCTOBER, the month of gorgeous sunsets, is here and with so many Libra planets striving for civility in a cruel and unjust world theres hope for some sanity and balance. The key moments of the month occur with the lunations, the new and full moons, both of which are fairly benign.

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Operation Smile

I was so proud to be named a Smile Ambassador for Operation Smile in 2010. This charity has touched my heart in a deep way. You can visit their website to learn more about what they do and how many children need their attention.

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A Preemie Story: Part 1- Baptism by Fire

As I left abruptly for the hospital that afternoon, I couldnt explain how I knew, but I was certain that the next time I would be returning to my apartment, I would no longer be pregnant. In fact as I locked the door, I said to my mom, I guess we wont be able to get the kitchen redone before our little one is born. She thought I was crazy and assured me we were just going to the hospital as a precaution, all was well and it will get done. Technically, we were both right.