7 mins read

A Note of Comfort To One Struggling To Conceive

So, it is much easier to give advice on what NOT to say to people who are struggling to conceive (see previous blog, What Not To Say). The truth is, there isnt really a lot you can say to someone who is struggling with this difficult journey. Like with many hard things in life, there are no words to capture the sorrow, the pain, the loss and the heartache that this path brings. At any given moment, a caring supporters words can seem trite or meaningless, even with the best intentions.

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10 Things You Shouldn’t Tell A Woman Struggling To Get Pregnant

When it comes to infertility, I have found that people just dont know what to say to those going through it. Then when they finally find the words, you kind of wish they hadnt. My husband and I have had many crazy things said to us throughout our journey. I realize these statements mostly come from those closest to us who are having trouble seeing us struggle. The crazy part is that the people who say these things come from a place of love and care (mostly- there are exceptions!). I think our family and friends are trying to be helpful, and to make it better. Listed below are ten unhelpful (and borderline hateful) things people usually say to those of us struggling with infertility. I personally have heard each and every one of these lines. I have also included what I wanted to respond with and what I actually said.