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Bedtime Music: 10 Soothing Classical Pieces for Kids

The following is a guest post by Robert Greenberg, author of How to Listen to Great Music: A Guide to Its History, Culture, and Heart. Ah, bedtime. The kids’ teeth are brushed; their pj’s are on; the book has been read, and then read again. They have been kissed goodnight. At which point begins THE BIG STALL. “I’m hungry”; “I’m thirsty”; “I need to go to the bathroom”; “I need to call my broker”; etc.

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Housekeepers As Heroes

People who frequent the blogosphere love to argue about womens equality and lack thereof, at home and at work, and to dissect hot-button subjects like equal pay and gender discrimination, who changes the diapers and who takes out the trash, in our relationships and in society at large. And I love to argue right back.

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Weight Loss Boot Camps for Women

If you, like many moms, carry around a few extra pounds, but don’t feel that you have the time or energy to shed them, a weight-loss boot camp may be the ideal option. By participating in a weight loss boot camp, you can benefit from the guidance of trained professionals, likely increasing the effectiveness of your weight loss efforts. Whether you select a day-camp option or a residential one, you are likely to benefit from the experience, learning more about your body and the ways you can keep it fit.