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Impulsive Behavior in a Child

Kids often act before they think, but as children mature they begin to learn how to control their impulses. However, with some children, impulsive behavior continues on to the extent that it disrupts their lives and the lives of those around them. Often, helping these children requires a great deal of understanding and specialized knowledge.

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How to Discipline the Impulsive Toddler

Most toddlers are impulsive, although the degree will vary from child to child. In fact, most toddlers are often unable to control this impulsiveness, whether it is to run out the door as soon as it’s opened or hit another child for taking a toy. While this is a stage that most toddlers will grow out of, it’s important to stop negative habits from forming now. Here you’ll find some important steps for how to discipline the impulsive toddler.

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Autism and Respect

Autism and Respect Fifteen is such a tough age. There’s so much going on at this age. So many pressures and changes. Even your body doesn’t feel right half the time. On top of all of this, some fifteen-year-olds, naming ours, struggle with some basics. Autism presents challenges in communication and social situations. How to…

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Autism and Impulses

My son has always had impulsive behaviors. Many times they came from a place of impatience, he had trouble waiting for a conversation to end or for his turn to come while standing on a line. The impulse would be to interrupt or complain that he’d have to wait on a line. The line waiting…