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Causes of Dizziness in Pregnancy

While dizziness during pregnancy may be cause for concern, this generally temporary lightheadedness is usually the result of a benign pregnancy-related cause. A lot is going on in your body when you are pregnant, and it can have an impact on your overall circulation. Often, this inhibited circulation leads to dizziness and, as a result, lightheadedness that is almost always temporary and little cause for concern. See your doctor for any protracted or worrisome bouts of dizziness or lightheadedness.

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Early Signs of Pregnancy While on Birth Control

No matter what type of birth control you use, you still have a chance of getting pregnant. Abstinence is the only 100-percent effective method of birth control. Rates of pregnancy occurring while on birth control range from 0.09 percent to 9 percent, depending on the type of birth control used, according to a chart provided by AmazingPregnancy.com. Birth control itself can make it difficult to know if you have become pregnant; some forms of birth control create pregnancy-like symptoms, and others cause the menstrual cycle to be irregular. If you have two or more of the following symptoms, go ahead and take a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

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Caster Oil to Induce Labor

Old wives’ remedies include numerous do-it-yourself approaches to inducing labor, such as hot baths, enemas, herbs, sexual intercourse and castor oil. Castor oil, traditionally used as a laxative, has been the subject of study in some clinical trials. However, according to an article published in the May 2003 issue of “American Family Physician,” there’s no conclusive evidence that suggests castor oil is helpful.

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Paint Colors for a Baby Nursery

Don’t let the joy of decorating your baby’s room be tempered by the overwhelming number of choices you face. When you start by choosing the perfect color scheme, the rest will be easier and more fun. Selecting just the right colors depends on personal preferences, but the Creative Baby Nursery Rooms website suggests that if you go with more than one color, keep them in the same family; that is, all bright colors, all pastels or all muted.