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Tips For A Fun Day At The Zoo

Going to the zoo with my family to kick off summer break has been a tradition for us since our oldest child was a baby. We always have so much fun watching as the kids take in all the animals and their, at times, very comical quirks. I myself love to observe the mama animals…

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Fun Family Activity: How To Make A Paper Kite

Want to spend Memorial Day outdoors with your kids? Try making paper kites and having a kite flying competition – it’s tons of fun for the whole family! Here are instructions on how to make the coolest paper kites you’ve ever seen! Make a Paper Kite in 8 Simple Steps Supplies

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Pricey Pets: How To Find Inexpensive Animal Friends

Do you have any pets? If your kids love animals, but you dread all the money you have to spend on vet bills, food even clothing – I’m right there with you! We have a long list of costly creaturesthat have taken up residence at one time or another in our home. Here’s a general price breakdown on all the different pets we’ve welcomed into the family (and the budget).

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Cheap Fun Games for Kids

Kids were made for games. They love to compete against themselves and one another and test their skills in a variety of challenges. They don’t mind acting silly or outrageous if necessary, and they are willing to push themselves to the goal. If you need to entertain your kids and their friends, you don’t need to spend much to keep them busy for hours.

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Fun Halloween Games for Kids

With the abundance of costumes, creepy settings and candy, it is no surprise that Halloween is a popular holiday among children. If your kids are like most, they likely delight in taking in spooktacular fun at the end of each October. To enhance your children’s enjoyment of this holiday, without adding to their sugar buzz, you can organize an array of Halloween games. These games allow curious children to join together in an age-appropriate exploration of this scary-tastic holiday.