Cheap Fun Games for Kids
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Cheap Fun Games for Kids

Kids were made for games. They love to compete against themselves and one another and test their skills in a variety of challenges. They don’t mind acting silly or outrageous if necessary, and they are willing to push themselves to the goal. If you need to entertain your kids and their friends, you don’t need to spend much to keep them busy for hours.

Exclusive Equipment

Sporting-goods stores are full of designer play equipment. Brand-name balls, goals and other items demand large sums from your wallet. Unless your child is participating in an organized sport, you can skip these stores and check out your local dollar store or toy stores. These discount options sell bouncing balls, outdoor toys, buckets and other toys that you can use for kids’ games.


Toys can often serve numerous purposes. If you are putting together a game for your kids, see whether there is a toy on hand that will work. For instance, that bouncy ball you bought can be used in kickball and dodge ball, even if it wasn’t made for that purpose. Have kids play tagging, tossing, catching and throwing games all with the same balls.

Inexpensive Imaginations

One of the cheapest ingredients to a game is a child’s imagination, which can turn ordinary objects into almost anything. If you need to create a goal for soccer, a tunnel for an obstacle course or a tower, use some of those boxes crowding your attic or basement.

Get Moving

Many games require no equipment at all. Instead, these games call for the actions of the participants to keep the game exciting and changing. Children can use strategy in games such as hide-and-seek to search out hiding places and find their friends. They can use sheer speed and agility for freeze tag or any of the other tag variations.

Keep It on Hand

To keep the price of the games down, store a box or container of game equipment in your garage or shed. Balls, bandannas and jump ropes are perfect for impromptu games of dodge ball, kickball, capture the flag, flag football and other active games. If you have a lot of outdoor space, such as a parking lot or driveway, and a large group of kids, you can give the children sidewalk chalk and play human games of tick-tack-toe or checkers.

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