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Easy Tips to Help Prevent Sports-Related Injuries

Children love their sports and we, as parents, love to watch them play. Unfortunately, each and every year, over a million children are seen in emergency rooms for some sort of sports injury. We need to do everything we can to protect our children and prevent injuries on the field of play. The following is a list of things that parents and coaches can do to help cut down on these sports-related injuries: Have your …

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Parents Beware: Bounce House Injuries on the Rise!

Yikes! Is a classic bit of birthday fun ending in too many bumps, bruises and broken bones? The number of kids hurt while using inflatable bounce houses and moonwalks has risen dramatically since 1995, according to a new study published in Pediatrics. Researchers found that the injury rate has risen a staggering 1,500% in the past 15 years. Between 1995 and 2010, nearly 65,000 children were treated for bounce house related injuries,with the years between 2008 and 2010 seeing a doubling of the injury rate.

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Is Your Daughter a Cheerleader? Prevent Injuries!

Is your daughter interested in cheerleading? Are you skeptical because you’ve heard it’s a dangerous sport? Well, here’s your chance to get the facts straight. We interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Dugas of the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) and Bill Seely, executive director of USA Cheer, about cheerleading misconceptions and injury prevention tips for parents and kids interested in this sport. And, when it comes to letting your child start cheerleading, they say BRING IT ON! ModernMom: What are the most common types of cheerleader injuries?