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Life, Love and Fanny Packs: The Rio 2 Cast Interviews

Are your kids excited for Rio 2? The film is flying into theaters everywhere on April 11 and follows love birds Jewel and Blue as they return to her roots in the Amazon and discover some new family members.The sequel features the voices of Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Jemaine Clement, Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, Rodrigo Santoro, Andy Garcia, Kristin Chenoweth, and Jamie Foxx – but the real star of the show is the incredible soundtrack …

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Professional Hairstyles for Interviews

You have the resume, the experience and the firm handshake, but if you don’t have a professional look, you may not land the job. When interviewing, the less your outfit and hairstyle attract attention, the better your chances of landing the job. Leave the sparkling hair clips and barrettes at home and wear your hair in a conservative and classy style.

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10 Summer Activities to Supercharge Your College Application Before Sophomore Year!

Congratulations on finishing your freshman year! As you move into your sophomore year of high school, here are 10 important steps you can take during the summer to enhance your college application: 1. Assess Your Interests and Goals: Start by reflecting on your academic interests and career aspirations. Identify areas you are passionate about and…

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Teen Talk

Calling all teens! We're excited to share a contributor volunteer opportunity at modernmom.com with you!Teens! Share to help others just like you! Are you passionate about writing or other forms of creative content creation (video, recipes, photos, or something else!) and eager to express your thoughts, opinions, and important perspectives on topics that matter to…