Professional Hairstyles for Interviews
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Professional Hairstyles for Interviews

You have the resume, the experience and the firm handshake, but if you don’t have a professional look, you may not land the job. When interviewing, the less your outfit and hairstyle attract attention, the better your chances of landing the job. Leave the sparkling hair clips and barrettes at home and wear your hair in a conservative and classy style.


If you have hair that’s shoulder length or shorter, wear it down for the job interview. Part it down the center or slightly to one side. Make sure it’s smooth and well groomed and doesn’t look as though you just rolled out of bed. Wash and blow-dry your hair before the interview, and brush it with a round brush to make it straight. If you want gentle waves, let your hair air dry. Run an anti-frizz cream through your hair when it is damp and gently comb or brush it as it dries. If you need extra help to keep your hair out of your eyes, slide a plain barrette or bobby pin into the hair on one side to pull it off your face.


If you are prone to twisting or playing with your hair when nervous, as you most likely will be during an interview, pull it away from your face and out of reach. A high ponytail gets hair out of your way and looks sleek and conservative. Brush hair back over your scalp and gather with an elastic on top of your head. If you find high ponytails to be uncomfortable, try wearing one lower, nearer the nape of your neck. This style will still keep you hair out of your face and offer a professional appearance. Spritz your hair with a bit of hairspray to keep it in place and secure any potential fly-aways with plain bobby pins.

French Braid

The classic French braid looks neat, conservative and pulled together. Brush your hair over your head. Take a small section of hair at the center top of your head and divide into three sections. Bring the right section over the center, so that it becomes the center section, then the left over the center section. Add a bit of hair to section on the right side and bring over the center section. Add some hair to the left section and bring over the center. Continue to braid, adding hair to each section as you work your way down. Secure the end with a covered elastic band. You can twist the French braid and pin it up into a bun for a conservative appearance, or wear it down.

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