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I planned on spending the long 4th of July weekend in Minnesota with my in-laws. Going to visit them is a true vacation for me as their home is on a gorgeous lake and my partner Joels three sisters all have kids and they run around like a wolf-pack that mystifies and envelops my oldest daughter.It is fantastic.

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How to Prevent Teenage Acne

While people of all ages can experience acne breakouts, this skin condition is most common in teenagers. Acne, also called pimples, zits or blemishes, is caused by the skin’s overproduction of oil in response to the hormonal changes of adolescence. Left untreated, your teenage acne may cause scarring and emotional distress, making it important to begin treatment right away.

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Oily Hair Treatment

Oily or greasy hair often looks wet, flat and stringy, and can ruin an otherwise clean, well-kept, personal appearance. Overactive scalp sebum, which comes from sebaceous glands just under the scalp, produces the oily hair look. Sebum normally gives hair its shiny, soft glow, but too much of it may leave your hair greasy. Treatments for oily hair maintain healthy locks that present a polished look.