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Family Bonds: An Ode to Pops

My dad turns 80 next year. He is a bull. Looks like mafia. Avid golfer and talented haberdasher. Drinks scotch every night and sneaks smokes when my mom isnt watching. He is also one of the best things that ever happened to me.

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Parental Rite of Passage

Stitches, my friends, friggin STITCHES! Here is how it went down: We were in a shoe store, I hear a CLANK behind me and turn around to find Jaden on the floor, holding her chin. She tripped on her own two feet, fell and hit a metal bench in the store, splitting open her little chin.

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I planned on spending the long 4th of July weekend in Minnesota with my in-laws. Going to visit them is a true vacation for me as their home is on a gorgeous lake and my partner Joels three sisters all have kids and they run around like a wolf-pack that mystifies and envelops my oldest daughter.It is fantastic.

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Just A Girl

My five-year-old daughter is a remarkable little kid and last night I was reminded that she is also a girl. One thing I know as a woman is that sometimes we just need to talk- to process what is going on in our heads and hearts. If we dont, then the stress builds and we find ourselves discharging and over-reacting to things that we direct all this built up stress towards.

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Dirty Little Secret

Ive talked about accepting Failure in previous posts but I have to admit that I didnt think I would have to accept Failure in sleep training. So in an effort to accept it, here goes. My name is Quinn, and for over six months, my youngest of two daughters has not consistently slept through the night. My partner and I are hallow-eyed, embarrassed, and have been privately fighting in the trenches to set our family routine straight.