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Smart Phones are Smart for Homework Time, Too

When I was growing up, “homework time” looked like this: books and papers spread across the kitchen table, TV turned off and all other distractions kept to a minimum, including phone calls with friends (on the shared family phone with the eternally tangled chord). Mom-enforced. Fast forward several decades. Recently, I went upstairs to check…

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10 Smartphone Apps Moms Will Love

There aren’t many people busier than a mom trying to wrangle her kids and keep the house in order, especially if that mom also works. You probably know how stressful it is to make it all work out in the end with everybody healthy and happy. Luckily, as the saying goes, “there’s an app for…

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The Best Free Black Friday Apps For Your Smartphone

We all know that there are absolutely amazing deals on Black Friday. What’s notso amazing is the stress of finding the very best deal on the market. There’s nothing worse than buying a big-ticket item, only find out that it was cheaper somewhere else. But thanks to some great new apps, you can say goodbye to shopping stress! By putting the best prices right at your fingertips, they’ll help you conquer the holiday shopping system. Here are our picks for the best Black Friday apps: Red Laser

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How Much Do Moms Love Their Smartphones?

Did you know that one in every three moms in the U.S. owns a smartphone? Maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise. We live in an era of tech savvy mamas – ladies who make up a large portion of digital consumption across all channels, including e-commerce and mobile use. After all, women account for 85% of all consumer purchases and if you want to buy something, its a lot easier to read the reviews of other customers and make purchases online.