The Best Free Black Friday Apps For Your Smartphone
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The Best Free Black Friday Apps For Your Smartphone

We all know that there are absolutely amazing deals on Black Friday. What’s not so amazing is the stress of finding the very best deal on the market. There’s nothing worse than buying a big-ticket item, only find out that it was cheaper somewhere else.

But thanks to some great new apps, you can say goodbye to shopping stress! By putting the best prices right at your fingertips, they’ll help you conquer the holiday shopping system. Here are our picks for the best freeBlack Friday apps:

Red Laser

With the Red Laser app (owned by eBay), you can scan bar codes of items in stores and compare to prices at several different online retailers, so you know you’re getting the best deal! 

Available for iOS, Android and Windows.

TGI Black Friday

Made specifically for the biggest shopping day of the year, TGI Black Friday has over 10,000 deals from nearly 100 major retailers. You can even get push notifications for brand new or leaked deals.

Available for iOS and Android


This one was a favorite of almost every mom we asked. Use RetailMeNot to search for coupons, glorious coupons that you can use right on your phone. It’s a great way to find discounts, plus it lets you search for both in-store and online deals! 

Available for iOS and Android

Black Friday App

This one from focuses more on location than product, helping you get the most done in every store. Black Friday App lets you create shopping lists, search for ads by store and save the ads you want, along with notes on which deals are online-only, come in limited quantities or require a rebate. They also have maps of nearby store locations and info on Black Friday store hours.

Available for iOS and Android

Amazon Price Check

Amazon Price Check works just like Red Laser, but searches Amazon for the best deal. Just scan a barcode, snap a picture of the product or type in the name and you’ll get price comparisons for Amazon listings in a flash. Find a great deal? You can even buy it online on the spot instead of waiting to get home. 

Available for iOS and Android.

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