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Nextdoor: Social Media Exclusive to Your Neighborhood

We know how hard it is to raise a family AND maintain some sort of social life. EnterNextdoor-an online community and essentially, social media site created as an exclusive network for you and your neighbors (within your neighborhood) to exchange local information. Don’t let the words “social media” scare you. This is not a hyper-specific version of Facebook, but is rather designed for you and your family to connect with your neighbors to plan events and share important announcements.

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Honor Mom on Sunday… and on Mother’s Monday Get Her What She Really Needs: Childcare and Workplace Improvements

The Inaugural Mother’s Monday officially kicks off May 11! Celebrated on the day after the traditional Mother’s Day, Mother’s Monday looks to redefine the relationship between motherhood and work. One of the major storylines emerging from the global pandemic is just how significant the impact has been on women, especially working moms. The group behind…