Nextdoor: Social Media Exclusive to Your Neighborhood
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Nextdoor: Social Media Exclusive to Your Neighborhood

We know how hard it is to raise a family AND maintain some sort of social life. Enter Nextdoor – an online community and essentially, social media site created as an exclusive network for you and your neighbors (within your neighborhood) to exchange local information.

Don’t let the words “social media” scare you. This is not a hyper-specific version of Facebook, but is rather designed for you and your family to connect with your neighbors to plan events and share important announcements. 

Here’s what you can do with Nextdoor:

  • Track down trustworthy babysitters, nannies and nanny shares.
  • Find new moms for mommy groups and neighborhood walks.
  • Share information on local schools and teachers.
  • Learn about local classes, museums and activities for children.
  • Discuss local issues.
  • Organize car pools.
  • Participate in school fundraisers or charities.
  • Swap information about the best place to see holiday lights or the safest places to take your kids trick-or-treating on Halloween.
  • Share family-friendly recipes.


Nextdoor was also designed to increase safety in your neighborhoods. You can alert your neighborhood of any local thefts, burglaries, or missing children. And it’s a great way to quickly update your neighbors on any contagious sicknesses in the area.

Worried about sharing your information with strangers? Luckily, Nextdoor is a very safety-conscious site. Not only must members must be approved and accepted, they must live within your specific neighborhood. 

Isn’t it past due that you had an easier way to connect with your neighbors, without asking for a cup of sugar?

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