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Child Behavior Problems With an Absent Mother

Ideally, children are raised with two loving parents to care for and support them. In some instances, however, this is not the case. When a child is left motherless as a result of divorce, separation or death, the child may experience problems associated with this absence. By understanding and preparing for these problems, fathers and other concerned friends and relatives can more effectively help the child cope with his mother’s absence.

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Casey Anthony’s NOT Guilty Verdict Disturbs Mothers Everywhere

Mothers everywhere are disturbed that Casey Anthony has been acquitted of murder. The entire case remains upsetting on many levels. First, we had to face the haunting image of adorable two-year old Caylee Anthony smiling at us from the newspaper that proclaimed MURDERED. An angelic looking toddler, Caylee shouldve been playing with toys and turning colorful pages in a picture book. The thought that her death remains unpunished is revolting.