6 mins read

Simple & Chic Post-Pregnancy Outfits

Like most modern moms, Dawn and I know that sometimes it can feel like motherhood and fashion dont easily mix. Theres a lot going on, especially with a newborn, and with everything else you have to think about, you shouldnt have to worry about what to wear as you work on getting back to your prepregnancy size. Were here to let you know that whether youre a first-time mom or a veteran who has been around the mommy-block a time or two before, there is no need to sacrifice style while trying to get your figure back.

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How to Find the Right Bra for Different Outfits

The right bra can make all the difference in how an outfit looks and how your body looks. Finding the right bra for different outfits is critical. In some cases, you may need a specialty bra, while in other instances you just need a bra that fits appropriately and provides the right line and type of support. Any bra you wear should fit well, provide good support and be comfortable to wear for as long as you need.