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70s Childhoods Vs Now – What’s Been Lost

I grew up in the 70s. This meant I was lucky to experience childhood long before helicopter parents, abstinence pledges, SAT prep courses and sexting obliterated the myriad reckless joys of American adolescence. Most parents had more than two kids, plus jobs, problems and pressures of their own. Kids’ technology risks consisted primarily of overdosing…

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Honda Recalls Nearly 600,000 Accords

Honda is recalling roughly 572,000 of its popular Accord vehicles because of a potential fire risk in their engines. The recall affects Accords with V-6 engines from the 2003 through 2007 model years. Honda has a report of one fire but no injuries or crashes.

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How to Know I Really Want a Divorce

When you walked down the aisle in your wedding dress and pledged your eternal devotion to your partner, you likely never even considered the prospect of divorcing this man of your dreams. However, as time passes and the fairy tale gives way to reality, many women find themselves questioning the appropriateness of their selected mate. As a woman, you are statistically more likely to be the one to pull the plug on your marriage. As the “Psychology Today Magazine” website reports, three-fourths of all divorces are initiated by the female spouse. If you think that your marriage is headed toward splitsville, think carefully and weigh your feelings as logically as you can to ensure that you make the right choice.