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Fuel Up and Play (and Get a Chance to Hang with Quarterback Andrew Luck!)

If you were anything like me growing up, we’d go outside and play in the neighborhood until the street lights came on. Our moms didn’t set up playdates; we just went outside and all the kids were there – riding bikes, playing kickball, fishing in creeks. We used our imaginations to build forts, invent new games, and most of all, run around outside all day with our friends.

Today, times have changed. Kids have …

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Are Your Kids Addicted to the Internet?

Do you ever wonder how your kids can waste hours browsing the Internet, checking Facebook and religiously watering their crops on Farmville? They might be addicted to their computer. Internet addiction is a growing problem that can seriously harm your kids. When researchers at the University of Maryland asked college students to refrain from using the Internet and other social media for 24 hours, the students began to show withdrawal signs similar to those experienced by people who try to quit smoking.

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Housekeepers As Heroes

People who frequent the blogosphere love to argue about womens equality and lack thereof, at home and at work, and to dissect hot-button subjects like equal pay and gender discrimination, who changes the diapers and who takes out the trash, in our relationships and in society at large. And I love to argue right back.