5 mins read

4 of Our Favorite Mom Superheroes

Have you ever daydreamed about having super powers? It would certainly make life a lot easier. Imagine using your super-speedto run across town to the supermarket in less than a minutes, or jumping over pesky SUVs on your way to pick the kids up from school. You could clean the house in way less time than it takes for your little tornados to mess it up. However, with great power comes great responsibility and even superhero moms have problems. It’s not surprise their lives aren’t exactly simple.. they have to balance saving the world with raising a family!

2 mins read

The Perks of Marrying a Nerd

Are you dating a nerd? Or did you marry one without realizing it? Don’t feel badly, nerds make the best boyfriends! Just think of all they bring to the table: They’re usually pretty smart and can handle all of your tech needs. Even though they can be awkward, they’re definitely not scamming you with their charms Did we mention they’re great at fixing things?

6 mins read

What’s Your Tech Persona?

While your electronic accessories don’t define you as a person, there are always ways that a gadget can show off your unique style. This is true whether you’re a career-driven working mom with a Blackberry glued to your hand, or a free spirited artist with your well-worn Nook bearing the paint smudges of your latest work.Or maybe you just like to match your iPad with your outfit.