4 of Our Favorite Mom Superheroes
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4 of Our Favorite Mom Superheroes

Have you ever daydreamed about having super powers?

It would certainly make life a lot easier. Imagine using your super-speed to run across town to the supermarket in less than a minutes, or jumping over pesky SUVs on your way to pick the kids up from school. You could clean the house in way less time than it takes for your little tornados to mess it up.

However, with great power comes great responsibility and even superhero moms have problems. It’s not surprise their lives aren’t exactly simple.. they have to balance saving the world with raising a family!

Here are some truly amazing Superhero Mom – they might be fictional but we still think they deserve some recognition for all their hard work:

The Everymom

Elastigirl from the Incredibles is one stay-at-home mom who’s got it going on. Smart and funny, she’s also a dedicated wife and mother.

She’ll stop at nothing to make sure here kids are safe. And when I say anything, I mean anything. Have you ever turned into a parachute to make sure your kids didn’t hurt themselves when falling out of an exploding plane?

And she dresses well… after all, her clothes always fit perfectly. Her only weakness is pre-shrunk jeans (they don’t stretch easily). And to top it all off, she still manages to get a nutritious home-cooked dinner on the table night after night.

The Patient One

While she isn’t technically a superhero, her daughter sure is. And being able to raise a daughter whose full-time job is vampire slaying – well, that’s certainly something to be proud of. Joyce Summers, mother of the famous Buffy, is the lady behind the curtain.

 Joyce went through a rough divorce after her daughter burned down her high school’s gymnasium during a vampire invasion at the prom. Say that one again slowly. And it didn’t end there. They moved to the small town of Sunnydale, only to find out that it was situated on the Hellmouth – which meant all the vampires in the world were right at her doorstep. 

Imagine that you’re the mother of a teenage daughter (for some of you this won’t be hard). Every night she sneaks out and doesn’t come back until way past curfew. She brings a strange older man to sleep over on several occasions. One summer, she runs away to LA to be a waitress. Another summer you are turned into a zombie by a cursed tribal mask.

What do you do? Never stop loving her. And that’s why Joyce Summers is a real hero.

The One Who Wears The Pants

It might have been the ’60s, but Samantha from Bewitched was really the one in charge. Just ask the husband they replaced mid-show. 

In one of the more unusual moments of TV history, a main character was just replaced as if nothing had happened. Dick York was replaced by Dick Sargent after four seasons and the show went on. Sort of like if Ashton Kutcher just became Charlie Sheen’s character. I don’t most people would accept that. 

But back to Samantha, who’s a witch that can do pretty much anything she wants via magic – even though she tries not to use her powers unless she absolutely has to. Why not? First, she is far too gracious to keep reminding her husband that she’s basically omnipotent. Second, it’s much healthier to work through your problems and not just wish them away.

The only real complication is her mother, Endora, who is constantly trying to undermine Samantha’s marriage to Darren. But good old Sam always prevails and eventually wins her mother’s acceptance. 

In the end, Endora just shrugs and says, “It’s true, he loves my daughter.”

The Nontraditional Parent

X-Men’s Mystique was born a woman, but since she was also born with the ability to change into other people, she is reported to be the “father” of Nightcrawler, her son with another female mutant. 

Sadly for Mystique she had to abandon her baby, a move that took a terrible emotional toll on her for years to come.

Later in life, she adopted the young superhero Rogue and raised her as her own daughter. Eventually, Mystique came to understand her place in the world and she was happier for it. Sometimes life deals you lemons, and she made the best darn margarita she could.


Maybe you don’t have Mystique’s shape-shifting ability or Elastigirl’s flexibility, but just think about what you would do to protect your kids!

Whether it’s the super-strength to balance the chaos of daily life or the super-love you have for your family, all moms have super powers – even if they don’t realize it.

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