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Mario Kills Tanooki

Editor’s note – This post is intended for humorous purposes only. ModernMom does not support animal cruelty in any form. No animals were harmed in the creation of this post. Ah Mario, for many people Mario will always remind them of the time they first discovered video games. The NES was the best selling console of the 1980s and is widely considered the single greatest console ever made.

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Educate a Girl – Change the World

My friend told me a funny story about her wedding in Tunisia. Her father was offering her to the groom when a cry went up, “What about the dowry?” Everyone panicked as they realized they had completely forgotten it. Then the father looked for his wallet to get some money, but he had misplaced it. In the end, he borrowed twenty dinars from her uncle and offered it to the groom’s father, who accepted it.

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Are Your Kids Addicted to the Internet?

Do you ever wonder how your kids can waste hours browsing the Internet, checking Facebook and religiously watering their crops on Farmville? They might be addicted to their computer. Internet addiction is a growing problem that can seriously harm your kids. When researchers at the University of Maryland asked college students to refrain from using the Internet and other social media for 24 hours, the students began to show withdrawal signs similar to those experienced by people who try to quit smoking.