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Fun Ideas for Family Game Night

This week, instead of just watching TV or mindlessly browsing on your laptop, why not try something new that the whole family can do together? Board games are great way to get everyone involved. Even moody teenagers will eventually have a good time once they get into the game! In my family, we used to have poker nights and gamble vast quantities of pennies. The winner would walk away with pride and about $5. But if gambling isn’t in the cards for your family, here are a few super-fun games to try out:

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Cuteness Overwhelming

This is the first of a new blog series called Cuteness Overwhelming. In it, I scour the internet for things so cute that they would implode were it not for the daily sacrifices of cheeseburgers that people make to Ceiling Cat, Basement Cat and Long Cat. I think the pictures speak for themselves. Puppy Patrol (problematic b/c it excludes kittens) Puppy Picks Pet Picks OMG Adorable! CuteNews Ridiculous Cuteness

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Holiday Movie Night Recommendations

After eating the turkey itself, there’s nothing better than curling up as a family in front of a warm fireplace and watching a classic holiday movie. It’s even better when there’s snow outside and you have nowhere to go for a few days. So sit back, relax and enjoy our list of classic holiday shows you just have to see.

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Beloved Books to Share With Your Kids

Do you remember that wonderful feeling of snuggling up under the covers with your favorite book? Or acold winter night when your parents read you a story while a fire burned in the fireplace and snow fell softly outside. With books, these memories come alive again. And those old books and treasured memories can be shared with your own children, building a bond across the generations.