Fun Ideas for Family Game Night
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Fun Ideas for Family Game Night

This week, instead of just watching TV or mindlessly browsing on your laptop, why not try something new that the whole family can do together?

Board games are great way to get everyone involved. Even moody teenagers will eventually have a good time once they get into the game!

In my family, we used to have poker nights and gamble vast quantities of pennies. The winner would walk away with pride and about $5. But if gambling isn’t in the cards for your family, here are a few super-fun games to try out:


Telestrations is an awesome new game that has won thousands of awards since its release including the prestigious Board Game Geek Golden Geek Award and the 2011 Parents Choice Award.

The game is basically a fusion between the kids’ game Telephone and Pictionary. One player gets a word and has to draw it, then the next person has to guess the word who passes it on to the next person to draw. When you get multiple people drawing and guessing at the same time you get some crazy results and huge laughs.

This game is perfect for a casual crowd and because there isn’t really any competition or winners, there’s no way for anyone to be a sore loser!

(USAopoly, $29.95)

UNO Attack

UNO is America’s No. 1-selling card game for a reason, and UNO Attack adds a cool new twist. There are still all of the unpredictable elements of classic UNO, but now there is a merciless motorized card launcher that shoots cards at the unlucky player who lands a Hit card.

Apart from needing batteries, this game is actually pretty fun. No one plays UNO for its strategic depth, in fact, the crazy randomness is part of its appeal. UNO Attack takes it to the next level, when you play a Hit card on your sister, it shoots off cards in her direction.

For competitive siblings, this is the best game on the list.

(Mattel, $24.95)


Morphology is the most cerebral game on the list. Major news outlets like Time Magazine and The Chicago Tribune have bestowed praise on this new game that rewards creativity.

The game is very unique. After first dividing into teams and drawing a word, you have to use all of the little pieces that come with the game to literally make that word. It’s like charades using string, LEGO and popsicle sticks. If your team guesses the words, you win!

This game might be a little too hard for younger children. Nonetheless, if your family is creatively inclined, it’s definitely the game for you.

(Morphology Games, $29.99)


This new video game from Hasbro is a really cool reinvention of classic games like Connect 4 Basketball where you have to shoot hoops to place pieces or Yahtzee! Bowling. Other games that are included are Scrabble Flash, Sorry! Sliders and  Bop-It Boptagon.

Available for Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Family Game Night 4 is the follow up to the earlier Family Game Nights, all of which were highly received and have been awarded prestigious awards including the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval.

It’s a fun game where you get to be part of the show at home.  And if you are a competitive family, it will give you plenty of ways to prove who the real champion is!

(Hasbro, $39.99)

With the holiday break upon us, these might just be the perfect way to show your family how much you care and to spend a little time together in the process.  So get out there and have some fun!


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