What’s Your Tech Persona?
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What’s Your Tech Persona?

While your electronic accessories don’t define you as a person, there are always ways that a gadget can show off your unique style.

This is true whether you’re a career-driven working mom with a Blackberry glued to your hand, or a free spirited artist with your well-worn Nook bearing the paint smudges of your latest work. Or maybe you just like to match your iPad with your outfit.

Whatever the case (ha!), unless you’re a minimalist with a reckless streak, you probably aren’t lugging around a bare computer. I know I wouldn’t use my mobile device without protection.

So here are a few great looks for different types of gadget-lovers:

For the Book Lover

I happened upon OutofPrint.com while browsing for a holiday gift for my somewhat hipster cousin. And even though I’m not that into skinny jeans or PBR, I love the idea that people can put their favorite book covers on the case of their e-readers. Tres ironic.

Also, classic book covers are really pretty. You know how people always wax poetic about how classic vinyl album art was so good and how the new stuff just doesn’t compare? While that’s just annoying, old book covers are actually gorgeous. The artwork is so simple yet it somehow reinforces the feeling that you’re holding a true classic.

The most popular designs are Pride & Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, Atlas Shrugged and Moby Dick. My personal favorite is the white Great Gatsby cover (shown below).

I have to agree with the sentiment behind these cases: If you go digital, don’t forget your roots.

(Styles available for iPads, Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader, Borders Kobo, Samsung Galaxy)

For the Fun-Loving Bohemian

If you’re a free spirit with a unique style, these Andy Warhol inspired iPhone covers from Incase might be just the thing to brighten your day.

With more than a dozen different styles, you can choose your favorite iconic image.

Just looking at this stuff makes me wish I could have been a part of the ’60s. Not for the drugs and the free-love, but because the art is so fresh and inspiring. It’s like he took things that shouldn’t be art, like a banana or packaging tape and through his magic, made it look beautiful.

And clad in his contemporary designs, your iPhone will be beautiful too.

(Available products include iPad cases, iPhone cases, laptop sleeves and shoulder bags)

For the Fashionista

Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast with Tiffanys – you’re the epitome of glamour. Big sunglasses, a trendy tote bag – whatever the accessory, you always look smart and sophisticated.

And just because they didn’t have couture iPad covers in the ’30s, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!

For a case as fashionable as you, visit Sena Cases, the premier manufacturers of luxury covers for your electronic devices. Seriously, these cases are nice – their Folio model, made of smooth leather with a convenient stand feature, practically screams sophistication.

Slipping one over your iPad is like upgrading from a compact car to a BMW convertible. Sure, others might get the job done, but isn’t everything done better in style?

(Cases are available in a wide range of styles for tablets, laptops, cameras and more)

For the Sporty Mom

Forget frills and fashion trends, you’re the kind of mom who wants accessories that enable your active lifestyle. If this sounds familiar, then Speck has got you covered.

Let’s say you’re trekking cross-country, forging your own path on some godforsaken trail that winds its way through a canyon. To your left is a steep incline. To your right, falling rocks. You’ve been walking for hours and you want to find the nearest rest-stop to set up camp for the night. You get out your MacBook to check your location. The closest place is nearby, but you have to scale down a mountain to get it.

Or maybe you just took your kids to football practice and they’re getting a little rowdy in the back seat?

In either scenario – you’d probably be very grateful for a shatter-proof polycarbonate case on your computer. Enter Speck’s SeeThru SATIN covers for MacBook Air. Not only is this baby virtually indestructible, but it comes in a variety of colors.

So even when you’re being sensible, you still get to show off a little bit of style.

(Available for iPhone, iPad, Macbook and other tablet devices)

For the Green Mom

You’re a lean green recycling machine. As far as you’re concerned, they’ve already put a lot of energy into making the gadget – the least you can do is minimize your footprint.

Rest easy knowing that ColcaSac shares your vision. Their laptop sleeves are made from natural eco-friendly fabrics and come in eco-friendly packaging.

In fact, ColcaSac has been a member of 1% For The Planet since 2007 and in that time they have adopt land in the rainforests of Costa Rica to help save beautiful endangered species like the scarlet macaw, jaguars, pumas, monkeys and little baby sea turtles.

You might also love the fact that each product shares a unique story. Take The Federale, which is made from cotton that is hand-loomed in a small village in Oaxaca. Or the Hanakapiai, which is made from organic hemp grown in China.

(Sleeves available for MacBook, iPad, iPhone and Kindle)

There you have it – a few fun ways to accessorize basic electronic devices. So don’t be afraid to spice up your tech life and show off your unique personality through your gadget style!

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