6 mins read

Risky Business: Why Women Excel In Dangerous Careers

When my husband was diagnosed with a rare liver disease, I made an astonishing discovery: the risks I took at my job actually helped me manage the ordeal. As a professional ski patroller, I carry explosives, start avalanches, hike in chest deep snow, and haul heavy toboggans carrying gravely injured skiers. We women patrollers do this side by side with the men. While some might find my work a bit risky, I find it essential.

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Be Prepared to Get Active!

If you’re always ready you never have an excuse. As a busy mom with 3 little kids my life is ‘crazy’ to say the least. Like many moms I don’t have the time to get to the gym everyday but I do make it a priority to MOVE MY BUTT every single day and it usually includes the kids.

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Yoga Exercise During Pregnancy

Yoga combines physical activity, breathing techniques and mental exercises to help strengthen muscles, tone and relax the body. Yoga’s origins date back more than 5,000 years ago. Yoga practice is enjoyed by men and women. Pregnant women in search of ways to work out during pregnancy many times opt for yoga, because there are a wide range of poses and practices to suit the needs of their bodies.