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How Important Is It, Really, to Nurse?

This is a guest post by Dr. Laura Nathanson, author of The Portable Pediatrician. Most of the parents I see know full well that breast milk is optimal for babies. But does that really outweigh other factors? What if the mother is returning to work at four, eight, twelve weeks? What if she has inverted nipples or…

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Volunteers Bring Hope To Children With Special Needs

One of my first memories is of my mom scooping me up and kissing me. I cant remember what had upset me, but I can vividly picture running into her arms and having my tears kissed away. In years to come, she would be the one to stay up with me when I was sick, help me with my homework, and take me to ballet lessons and soccer games. I never considered what my life would be like without her.

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Introducing Soccer Mom 2.0

Standing on the sidelines of the soccer field I realize that I am now an official “soccer mom.” But I don’t think I’m the woman whom political strategists appealed to into the 1996 elections when they first coined the term. I don’t drive a mini van. I don’t wear mom jeans.

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Teen Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Bedrooms for teenagers often do not fit their inhabitants’ rapidly changing tastes. Some teen bedrooms feature a hodgepodge of decor features from earlier themes, while others center around gadgets, sport equipment and hobbies. Streamline and stylize your teenager’s bedroom space by investing in classic, functional pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as tall bookshelves that act as dividers or loft beds that hold a work area and storage underneath. Then you can accessorize with bright colors, bold graphics, interesting textiles, DIY projects and artwork that personalize the room and establish a decor scheme.