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Ways to Engage Babies and Toddlers in Reading

The beginning years: The importance of the first 5 years Do you have a little one at home and have you thought about how you can challenge your baby and toddler on learning and staying engaged in reading? Babies’ brains continue to form after they are born. They are forming for physical development, and  also…

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Autism and Spreading Awareness

You Never Know When Something Will Come Up. What does that mean? It means you never when something you did in the past will come back and add some good to the world, have an impact, be noticed, and be appreciated for trying to spread awareness. What happened? I was contacted in March by a…

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How Does Reading During Pregnancy Increase a Baby’s Intelligence?

A babys nerve pathways in the ears and neural system in the brain start developing as early as the twenty-sixth week, which is when the baby will begin responding to sounds and voices regularly. Introducing music and words while your baby is still growing inside of you may increase your babys intelligence; many expectant parents can start talking to their babies in the womb, reading to them and playing soothing music to generate a response from their developing brains. Reading provides auditory stimulation for babies growing brains and can acclimate children to the sounds of their parents voices.

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June Astrology Reading

Bookended by a Scorpio moon from beginning to end, June rolls in under two significant eclipses, a day apart! The June 4th lunar eclipse, 4:10 am PDT, is followed by the very rare Venus eclipse of the sun, June 5th, 6:10 p.m. for about 3 hours.