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Holiday Movie Night Recommendations

After eating the turkey itself, there’s nothing better than curling up as a family in front of a warm fireplace and watching a classic holiday movie. It’s even better when there’s snow outside and you have nowhere to go for a few days. So sit back, relax and enjoy our list of classic holiday shows you just have to see.

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Eyelash Curler Recommendations

If you want your lashes to serve as the perfect frame for your beautiful eyes, an eyelash curler could prove an invaluable tool. Through the use of an eyelash curler, you can transform your lashes from plain and stick-straight to lush and rounded. To ensure that your first steps into the world of eyelash curler usage prove successful, explore some basic eyelash curler tips.

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Recommended Vitamins for Women Over 40

Women not only need different vitamins than men, but the vitamins they need change as they age. Certain vitamins help fight heart disease and some types of cancer, making these nutrients even more important to the body as a woman grows older. Whether or not increasing daily intake of these vitamins has a preventive effect against disease, supplementation may reduce the risk of disease in women who have an inadequate dietary intake of particular vitamins and minerals.