Eyelash Curler Recommendations
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Eyelash Curler Recommendations

If you want your lashes to serve as the perfect frame for your beautiful eyes, an eyelash curler could prove an invaluable tool. Through the use of an eyelash curler, you can transform your lashes from plain and stick-straight to lush and rounded. To ensure that your first steps into the world of eyelash curler usage prove successful, explore some basic eyelash curler tips.

Curl At The Root

Many new-to-the-art eyelash curlers are hesitant to get their lash curler too close to the base of the lashes for fear of catching some tender skin. While you certainly don’t want to trap your skin in the eyelash curler, it is vital that you start your curl from the base of your lash. To ensure that your curl starts from the root, but to prevent some skin pinching, place your lash curler onto your lash, and gradually move in towards you eye until you are as close to the root as you can manage. Before crimping your curler down full-force, push it down gently to ensure that you have only lash, not skin, within its teeth.

Apply Mascara Last

While it may seem that applying mascara before you curl would give your curl more staying power, doing so can also increase the likelihood of breakage, reports SkinCareBeautyZone. If you place sticky mascara on your lashes then crimp down your curling device, the mascara may stick and lead your lashes to be pulled out at the root. Ouch. Prevent this by always applying your mascara last.

Give It Time

Don’t rush through your eyelash curling. After you crimp down on your lashes, you must allow some time for the curling process to work. Before letting up the pressure, count to five to ensure that you have waited an adequate amount of time for your curl to develop.

Maintain Your Curler

Using a dirty or damaged eyelash curler is a sure-fire way to damage your tender lashes. Before you use your curler, inspect it to ensure that it is clean and free from make-up build-up. If it isn’t, clean it with some make-up remover or soap and water. Also, look for any damage to the protective pads that lay between the metal part of the curler and your lashes. If these pads are damaged, you lashes will not be safe from the brute force of the metal and will likely suffer the consequences. If you find that your lash-curler is damaged, pitch it and get a new one.

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