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DeVos Hurts Special Needs Families

Education Secretary Betsy Devos eliminated 72 policy documents that outline the rights of students with disabilities. The documents fleshed out students’ rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Rehabilitation Act. The regulations were not rescinded, only the policy documents put into place to guide how schools could use federal special education money.…

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Parenting A Special Needs Child: A Story of Struggle and Survival

As an expectant mom, I remember scouring and assessing my child-to-bes gene pool, but like Forrest Gumps Mommas famous pearl, Life is Like a Box Of Chocolates and you never know what youre gonna get! You cannot control who your children will be or what they will be predisposed to (at least not yet, but give science just a bit longer). Any expectant parent has nightmares during those nine months. While numerous tests are conducted in utero to detect any defects, there are many things that go undetected or develop later in life.

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The Value of Pictures for Children With Special Needs

Autistic kids are visual learners. They often understand and can handle visual input much better than they can absorb visual or auditory words. Our child has been receiving autism-related services since he was fifteen months old. We learned a long time ago how to help him when he’s struggling, we use pictures. One way was social stories. What is a social story? A social story is a tool used to help a child who struggles to understand their social world. Social stories do this by showing a child a social situation explained in pictures.

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Children With Special Needs: Handling the Loss of a Service

Our child will lose a service at the end of February. We are mourning this upcoming loss. I am especially upset by it, not only because my child is losing the structured opportunity to play with a child who has become his friend over the last two years, but also by the way it all came about. The facility notified me in November that my child’s funding had lapsed. To my astonishment, my child had been on a 30 day contract during that month.