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Teach Your Teen To Drive Safely

Its a scary time as a parent when your child turns 16. Thats right: driving age. Teens cant wait to get behind the wheel, while the very thought terrifies moms and dads everywhere. Theres no denying that cars can be dangerous, especially for new and inexperienced drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety administration, motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of death for teens. Thats why its vital to communicate with your teen about the importance of safe driving.

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The Best Vitamins for Hair & Nails

Most people go to great lengths to have beautiful hair and nails. Some even pay huge amounts of money just to have that luscious mane and long elegant fingernails and toenails. However, keeping your hair and nails healthy and beautiful should not cost you an arm and a leg. Following a good supplementary management using vitamins will do just fine.

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3 Ways to do a Breast Self-Exam for Teens

Although the risk of breast cancer for teens is minimal, it is still beneficial to learn methods for doing a breast self-exam at an early age. Instilling a habit of doing a breast self-exam after menstruation has begun is excellent preventative medicine. There are a variety of ways for teens to do a breast self-exam, all of which are relatively simple and quick. Remember to note any changes by writing down the date of the breast self-exam, your observations and any questions. Bring this information to your doctor.