Monster High Unleashes New Campaign to Boost Girls’ Self-Esteem
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Monster High Unleashes New Campaign to Boost Girls’ Self-Esteem

The problem of bullying has been getting more attention – both in schools and online. As a mom, you’re probably working day and night to raise confident, respectful children who will be able to rise above the negativity of their peers. It can seem especially difficult with daughters, with so many negative influences on young girls from their friends to the media.

Monster High and WeStopHate recognize the difficulty of being a teenage girl, which is why they’ve partnered up to help your daughters recognize the awesomeness of their individuality. Just this week, was launched to provide confidence building activities that encourage girls “to take back the mirror and celebrate their imper-flections.” 

Through, girls learn to highlight the positives in how they view themselves, and to love who they are as individuals. Girls can upload a pictures of themselves and post them in an online mirror. “Then they are given a series of positive, monsterfied sayings that they can apply to their mirror, print out, or save to celebrate their imper-flections,” said Margaux Vega, Manager PR/Communications, Mattel Brands. 

Here are just a few of the “fangtastic esteem-boosting tips” girls can do to “feel uhhh-mazing:”

  • Always compare yourself to yourself – you will never be like any other ghoul and that is a fangtastic thing!


  • Discover your furrocious passion.  Doing what you love will give your life purpose and increase your self-confidence.


  • Compliment others – making other people feel fangtastic will actually charge up your spirits too.


  • Write yourself a letter, with all of the killer things you love about you!  And for extra fear points, ask your best ghoul-friend to write you a letter too.


This is not the first partnership for Monster High, which prides itself on supporting girl-founded organizations that work to promote positive messages for teen girls. In 2011, Monster High also partnered with the Kind Campaign, a girl-founded movement and documentary that is dedicated to spreading messages of kindness. 

It’s hard for young girls to distinguish real role-models from the air brushed pages of Seventeen Magazine, so we’re beyond thrilled for a supplementary tool to show our daughters that they are awesome. While magazines show them how to fit in, Monster High/WeStopHate will help you drive home the fact that her individual beauty, perfect imperfections, and talent are the things that make her great!

Download the full list of fun and fangtastic esteem boosting tips in a cute printable PDF here!

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