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Quality versus Quantity

In most aspects of my life, I prefer Quality over Quantity. It is far better to have a taste of something delicious, real, honest, lovinganything good reallythan a handful of, well, crap!

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Can a Toddler Sleep Too Much?

Toddlers often seem as if they alternate between periods of boundless energy and sound slumber. If your toddler’s periods of sleep are more frequent than his awake times, you may be concerned about the quantity of sleep he is getting. While it is natural for you to worry as a concerned mom, you probably have no reason for concern.

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A Home Library for Your Children: Here’s How…

The best predictor of reading success is the amount of time children spend reading both in and out of the home. Having a variety of appropriate books at home in your own library makes sharing books convenient, interesting and enjoyable for children of all ages. Its never too early to begin developing your home library. Even the youngest infants and toddlers need books to promote literacy and language development. Home libraries do not have to be expensive. Its not about the quantity of books you have, but more importantly, its about the quality and variety of books to which your child will have access.

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Starting a Raw Food Diet

A lot of people are jumping on the raw food diet bandwagon–to boost metabolism, build immunity, improve digestion, fight chronic health problems or keep weight down. However, it can be difficult to adjust to the quantity of food you must eat when on a raw food diet, and even more difficult to modify a restaurant habit. Yet there are several strategies you can adopt to start a raw food diet.

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A Matter of Life: Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Motherhood can be a dream. Nothing compares to welcoming your own children into the world, to watching them take their first steps, to hearing their first words, to seeing them make friends, go to school, graduate, begin their careers, start families of their own... Motherhood can also be a nightmare. Nothing is more agonizing than…