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from blackjack to budding entrepreneur

The last ten years have been an amazing ride while staying home with my 2 boys, 3 dogs and 1 husband. Holding a Master of Social Work definitely eased the pain and aided the situation often. As my oldest son approaches double digits, small little thoughts startto sneak into my head.What will I do when the boys have their own teenage lives? Will I have any other accomplishments? Did I really want to go back to social work or am I more creative? I have this teeny, tiny creative idea, but not really sure how to execute. And, then something happened in Vegas.

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Unwrap The Love This Holiday Season!

As the Hanukkah lights have dwindled down and now the Christmas lights fills the nightscape, the magic of the holidays fills our hearts and Im thinking of James Thurbers pearl There are two kinds of light – the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.