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Traditional Easter Recipes: Italian Ricotta Pie

Finally the beautiful weather makes an appearance, the clocks are set ahead and the days are getting longer. Just one glimpse of the purple crocus peeking through the ground can set off an hour of conversation between us about what flowers we will be planting, what colors we should choose, and the yearly banter about who plants the parsley and who plants the basil. Heaven forbid if we both plant the parsley! Important Questions

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Why Don’t We Have Any Family Traditions?

I love January. The holidays are behind us, and its all fresh starts and empty calendars and, of course, resolutions. And if theres anything I love more than January, its a good resolution.I have to say, I just dont understand people who dont make New Years Resolutions. I think its really important to sit back and take stock of where you are in your life and how …

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Brooke Burke: Burke Family Traditions

Having just returned from New England with my family, I have a new-found love for frosty weather, bare trees and chaos.It was a meaningful week watching my children and my little brother navigate the loving traditions of my Burke roots. Getting the seven of us to the east coast on a red eye flight was ambitious, especially at this time of year, but oh-so-worth it.Props to me, if I do say so myself …

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10 Creative Swaps For Traditional Turkey Day Recipes

Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce – Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays that, for the most part, has a very established list of standard menu items. But this year, why not switch it up? Shake up your dinner table with some of these creative alternatives to traditional Turkey Day dishes!1. Instead of boring dinner rolls or biscuits, give your guests a sweet surprise with these message-stuffed crescent rolls.