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Hand Washing Tips for Kids

When your child comes into the kitchen while you are making dinner, literally armed with an assortment of bugs, snails and worms up and down her hands and arms, the last thing she is thinking about is washing her hands. That is where children differ from adults, because that is probably your first thought. Try to remain calm as you instruct her to put the creatures back outside and then to wash her hands.

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About Toddler Handwashing

Toddlers get their little hands into everything. It’s part of how they learn about the world. In the process, their hands pick up lots of visible and invisible dirt. While it’s not possible to keep your little one’s hands spotless at all times — and chasing him around with a washcloth could make you both crazy — proper and timely hand washing helps cut down on both sticky hand prints and icky colds in the house.

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Kerry Washington Welcomes A Baby Girl!

Scandal star Kerry Washington has given birth to a baby girl, TMZ reports.The actress welcomeddaughterIsabelle Amarachion Monday, April 21 in Los Angeles.Kerry is at home busy with the baby, a source told PEOPLE.Its the first child for Washington and her husband, former San Francisco 49ers cornerbackNnamdi Asomugha. The two were married in a secret wedding last July, and the 37-year-old debuted her baby bump on the Golden …