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Make Healthier Fast Food Choices

All of a sudden corporate giants are jumping on the health food bandwagon – touting new products as the newest discovery since sliced bread. Check out Mickey D’s new major campaign for their Real Fruit Smoothie. It’s great that you can drive-in and buy yourself a $2.29 smoothie, but buyer beware. Do you realize how many grams of sugar are in that 12 oz. drink? 42!!! That’s about 85% of your sugar intake for the day – based on daily intake of 2,000 calories. The good news is – it’s better than a soda with high fructose corn syrup, which of course, we all know should be outlawed. Don’t even get me started on “energy” bars. Here’s some helpful tips on eating fast food – because as Mickey D says “You deserve a break today”.

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Safer Than Plastic – Simple Steps To Smarter Choices

Plastics are a ubiquitous element of our daily lives. Lets face it, theyre everywhere holding the food we eat and the water we drink, constructing the toys our kids play with, the bottles they nurse from, and the sippy cups they graduate to. Plastics house the computers we work on and the remotes that control our entertainment systems. They make up the interiors of the cars we drive. Theyre cheap, versatile, and convenient. Whats not to love? Plenty. Plastic are taking a serious toll on our health and environment. Plastics are made with petroleum, a nonrenewable resource with a host of human and ecological concerns at every stage of its lifecycle, from extraction, through processing and use, to disposal in landfills and by way of incineration. Though seemingly ber-convenient for holding food and drink, plastics have been found to leach chemicals into that food and drink. Lets face it, using plastic is up there with death and taxes in inevitability. But that doesnt mean we have to sit back and take whats being fed to us on a polyethylene spork (that strange hybrid spoon-fork utensil). There are simple skills you can learn to help you pick plastic products more wisely.

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Teen STD Testing

While the thought of your teen engaging in behavior that could result in the acquisition of an STD is likely enough to keep you up at night, it’s important to realize teens can and do get them. If you believe your teen has engaged in risky behavior, an STD test may be a wise choice. A test for sexually transmitted diseases will prompt immediate treatment and ensure she doesn’t suffer from the ill-effects of the condition in the future.

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Punjabi Baby Girl Names

The Punjab people live in the land situated between India and Pakistan. This area is home to an array of rich cultural practices and an assortment of meaningful baby names. If the Middle East has proved a source of fascination for you, or if you have a tie to the Punjab people, selecting a Punjabi name for your new baby is a wise choice.