Punjabi Baby Girl Names
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Punjabi Baby Girl Names

The Punjab people live in the land situated between India and Pakistan. This area is home to an array of rich cultural practices and an assortment of meaningful baby names. If the Middle East has proved a source of fascination for you, or if you have a tie to the Punjab people, selecting a Punjabi name for your new baby is a wise choice.


Many parents hope that their new addition elects to lead a virtuous life. Reflect this desire by selecting the name Guneet. This name is a derivative of a Punjabi word that means “virtuous.”


Whether you are an a devotee of Eastern religion or follow another religious option, selecting the name Harleen is a simple way to show your love of God. This name means “within the love of God,” expressing your desire that your new daughter remains in God’s light as she grows.


Most parents find that their new addition is the apple of their eye. Selecting the name Nayana allows you the opportunity to play off this classic phrase, as it means “of the eye” in Punjabi.


If you, like most parents, hope that your new daughter’s life is full of smiles and laughter, the name Muskaan may be a good choice. This name means, “smile, laugh,” in Punjabi, reflecting your desire for your child’s life to be a joyful one.


Upon looking at your new addition, you will likely feel that never before was a child more beautiful. Reflect this belief by selecting the name Ramneet, which means “beautiful” in Punjabi.


Parents who want their daughter to meet life free of worry or fear my find the name Akal appropriate. This name means “careful and brave,” making it representative of the qualities that you hope your courageous daughter embodies.


If the birth of your child brought happiness to your heart, consider the Punjabi name Manpreet. This name translates as “the heart’s happiness,” reflecting the fact that your new addition fills your heart with joy.


If you are dedicated to religion and hope that your daughter selects the same righteous road, the name Gursiman may be the one for you. This name is from a Punjabi word meaning “remembering the lord,” making it an appropriate name for your precious new addition.

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