2 mins read

How to Decorate Walls in a Home

Most people concern themselves with furniture and accessories when decorating a room. However, the walls are a huge part of any room and can greatly alter the look and feel of the room. Decorate the space with color, patterns and texture that add style and character to the room. Change the wall decor in any room at any give time to give the entire room a makeover.

3 mins read

Teen Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Bedrooms for teenagers often do not fit their inhabitants’ rapidly changing tastes. Some teen bedrooms feature a hodgepodge of decor features from earlier themes, while others center around gadgets, sport equipment and hobbies. Streamline and stylize your teenager’s bedroom space by investing in classic, functional pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as tall bookshelves that act as dividers or loft beds that hold a work area and storage underneath. Then you can accessorize with bright colors, bold graphics, interesting textiles, DIY projects and artwork that personalize the room and establish a decor scheme.